6 Tips to Combine a Crafts and Homework Room

The dilemma: Your kids could really benefit from a quiet, productive space for doing homework, but you also want an inspiring craft space. Can’t decide if you should devote your spare room to your kids or yourself?

Consider a third option: combining the two. Since both are part-time activities, they can easily share a space with a little help from the pros. This advice can help you create a double-duty workspace that caters to both you and the kids.

1. Decide whether to sit or to stand

Decide whether to sit or to stand
Siemasko + Verbridge

2. Light it up

Open the shades
TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

3. Bring in the bulletin boards

Create distinct workspaces
Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC

4. Store wisely

Store wisely

5. Create distinct workspaces

Bring in the bulletin boards
Closet & Storage Concepts

6. Open the shades

Light it up
Millennium Cabinetry

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