How to Organize Your Laundry Room Design

Laundry Room Design – So you’ve gotten rid of the junk cluttering up your laundry room, perhaps inspired by organizer. What’s next? After all of the sorting and culling, it’s time to get organized. Think of this as the crucial last step that completes the process of simplifying your space. Taking the time to arrange your tools and supplies with care will make it easier to maintain a neat, clutter-free space in the future.

To help bring order to the laundry room, we’ll look at the storage and organizing tools that are really key in maintaining a tidy space, plus a few optional nice-to-have extras.

1. Hanging rod

Laundry Room Design

2. Hand wash basket or tote


3. Lost-and-found vessel

CM Natural Designs

4. Glass jars

Harman Wilde

5. Roomy baskets with handles


6. Tray


7. Wall hooks

Sharon Barrett Interiors

8. Supply bins

Ópera de Domingo

9. Sorting baskets

Tidy Living

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