10 Top New Outdoor Spaces That Win With Containers

Gardens, decks, patios and balconies – no matter their size – always have room for a potted plant.

The following 10 outdoor spaces, pulled from the most popular photos uploaded to Wisma Home since Jan. 1, show the multitude of ways potted plants and containers can enliven any outdoor space – and may even inspire your own outdoor space this spring.

1. Boho beauty

Boho beauty
Dee Campling

2. Sculptural accents

Sculptural accents
The Designory

3. Serene aquatic garden

Serene aquatic garden
Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro

4. Playful outdoor retreat

Playful outdoor retreat
Fielder & Assoc. Landscape & Specialty Company

5. Lush urban lounge

Lush urban lounge
Lorla Studio

6. Tapestry of textures

Tapestry of textures
Heroes Agency

7. Feeling of fluorescence

Feeling of fluorescence
Oliver Bencosme

8. Rooftop meadow

Rooftop meadow
studio CM

9. Blended in

Blended in
EAG Studio

10. Wall-mounted thriller

Wall-mounted thriller
K.Fair Landscape Design

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