Appealing Ceiling: Warm It Up With Wood

Appealing Ceiling – Wood is a popular surface material for floors and walls. But it can make a big statement if you use it on the ceiling. Here are five types and methods for consideration. 1. Porches 2. Logs and Beams 3. Plywood 4. Reclaimed and Distressed 5. Tongue and Groove

How to Visually Lift a Low Ceiling Without Renovating

Ceiling Without Renovating – Does your mood need a little lift when you walk into a space? Well, maybe it’s the ceiling that needs lifting. If you’re working with a basement room, awkward attic or another space with an uncomfortably low ceiling — but can’t pony up to actually raise the roof — there are … Read more

The Transformative Power of Ceiling Trim

Ceiling Trim – We often overlook the ceiling as a place to trim, most likely because we tend to think of the ceiling as something out of sight as we focus on the surfaces directly ahead of us: the walls. But adding some trim to a ceiling can provide a whole new dimension and structure … Read more

9 Fun Ceiling Colors to Try Right Now

Ceiling Colors – I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to sneak fun color into a client’s home. It can be tough to pull off an intense color on all four walls of a room without making the space feel small, dark and claustrophobic, so I tend to prefer injecting high-voltage hues in smaller … Read more

Add Excitement With 10 Design Vibrant Ceiling Color Ideas

Ceiling Color Ideas – Painting your ceiling can seem like a daring move, but as these rooms demonstrate, it ain’t necessarily so! A bright and beautiful ceiling hue can bring a layer of personality to a space that just can’t be achieved by painted walls alone. These homes will have you thinking of ceiling paint … Read more

11 Reasons to Paint Your Ceiling Black

Ceiling Black – I grew up believing that ceilings had to be white – or, at the very least, a paler version of the wall color. Black ceilings? It sounded like something only a rebellious teenager would do. But after perusing some of the ebony-colored ceilings on Houzz, I gotta confess that I’m a convert. … Read more

10 Bold Ceiling Colors Ideas for You

Ceiling Colors Ideas – It’s standard operating procedure to paint your walls a color while keeping the ceiling white. We’ve been told this makes the room feel larger and brighter. While there’s no doubt a white ceiling will brighten a room, certain ceiling colors can actually make a room appear more expansive. The key to … Read more

21 Stunning Ideas for Decorating your Ceiling

Ceiling Decorating Ideas – Designers sometimes refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall, and if you think about it, it kind of makes sense: Why should only four walls in a room get all the attention, when there’s one right above your head just waiting to express your style? When it comes to decorating a … Read more