How to Plan Storage for Your Small Bathroom

Plan Storage Small Bathroom– Renovating the bathrooms is a must-do along with redoing the kitchen, especially when moving into an older home. Even bathrooms in brand new BTO flats may need an overhaul (my first HDB flat’s bathroom had a basic showerhead installed over the toilet bowl!). This presents a great opportunity to solve bathroom storage problems for your basic necessities from skincare products to towels and yes, even toilet paper.

Ask these questions and take inspiration from these bathrooms and powder rooms when designing storage for your apartment bathroom.

Plan Storage 1

Plan Storage Small Bathroom
Ardesia Design

Plan Storage 2

Gast Architects

Plan Storage 3

Rebecca Corley Interiors Ltd

Plan Storage 4

Studio Marler

Plan Storage 5

Veronica Martin Design Studio

Plan Storage 6

sO Interiors

Plan Storage 7

DBLO Associates Architects

Plan Storage 8


Plan Storage 9

Clair Elie

Plan Storage 10

CG Design Studio

Plan Storage 11

Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

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